Sampling lyrics (english)

Hello ! I’m looking for some advice on how to sample the extent of my voice recording (texts). I would like to be able to trigger my 5h of texts recorded in cubase 12 as samples, however the cutting work is really tedious. I started by cutting the track between all my sentences and it took me a lot of time … I now have to move the recording track for each sample and to remove the silences between the sentences … It’s very tedious (already 6 hours of work) … I would like to be able to automate this process in the future while keeping a well done job, i.e. my samples are triggered at the beginning of each phrase and not in the middle… Can you help me? Thanks

If there is such a simplified way of naming samples after editing, setting a random name to the files (number or letter), the best would be a way of decrypting the audio into text to record the name