sampling rate changing in the middle of session

Hi, for some reason I keep having a problem with the sampling rate changing after I set in the project setup page.I can be in the middle of a session and I get a popup message saying the sampling rate has changed.Is this a hardware or software issue and how do I fix it.Thanks Dave

From my own experience of this happening, it’s a matter of a setting within my audio interface’s control panel. There’s a selection within my Q10’s and Aark 24 cards software control panel that says ‘something’ like, ‘Reject audio sample rate change from host’. Seems like Cubase wanted to change the sample rate for some reason.

You may want to check your audio set-up menus, project set-up & preferences while you’re at it.

I’ve also read before, that certain older audio cards (I think it was M-Audio or Echo, maybe some others too) that did not like to be set to particular sample rate choices :exclamation: What sample rate are you using? Have you tried other sample rates?

Also, I don’t know if this will help or not, but does ‘saving’ the song after the correct sample rate setting make any difference?

Hi,thanks for the response.My interface I am using is the Tascam US 2000 and the Cubase LE5 software that came with it.I was trying to record at 48k,but it kept wanting to convert back down to 44k even after I saved the song.I’m thinking it’s a hardware setting.Thanks Dave

Could be due to something like the system sounds if you have them enabled or some other application wanting to play back at 44.1