Hi to one and all again, apologies if this has been covered but I don’t actually know the term of which I am asking/searching for. I would like to record a guitar trill or vocal word and then use this audio as a voice for the VST’s. In halion you can select choir 'aahh’s, and play them in notation chromatically, this is what I would like to do with my voice or guitar trill/riff. I remember doing similar with my old commodore64 so I imagine it is possible these days but, as I said, I am not sure what this technique is actually called
I am running C7.5 artist
p.s could any answers be ‘idiot proof’ as I am still unsure of a lot of this terminology

Many thanks to all, Quintt

Is it creating harmonies what you want to do ? It looks like it when i read your post, but this has nothing to do with sampling. You can quickly harmonize monophonic audio using the “Generate Harmony Voices” function on the Audio menu. (manual p. 368)
There are other ways to do it: f.e. use the pitch correct efx. (that is not creating harmonies, but lets you control your pitch of the audiotrack with f.e. midi, so you can directly modify (timestretch) the wave-file with midi.
If you are talking about “sampling” a waveform and the play/trigger the sample over the entire keyboard with different pitches, then you’ll need a simple sampler. They are freely available as vsti everywhere, but not integrated in the native package of cubase, unless in the form of the drumcomputer Groove Agent SE4. If you are looking for a sampler, look for a 64 bit verion that still has some support. You can also opt for Halion 5 and get a state of the art sampler package from SB itself.

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Thanks, I have installed the TX16Wx (free) and after a coupe of hours I have it working.
All the best, Quintt