Samsung Evo Rapid mode

A couple of days ago I cloned my C system drive on my now 4 year old PC from an HDD to a Samsung Evo 850 SSD.
The time improvements in both booting up and loading programs (less than 10 seconds for Cubase) are worth the expense on their own… even Cubase seems to be running smoother all round.

My question for other users who may know, is whether or not it is wise to enable Samsung’s “Rapid” mode for use with a DAW. This mode reserves RAM for extra caching I believe. I have enabled it and things seem to be running OK, though I have seen a couple of posts elsewhere online suggesting that it may be not a good idea.
Does anyone have any solid advice on this?

BTW, cloning the drive went very smoothly, except that I needed to re-authorise all my Izotope plugins, and perform a rescue recovery for my Waves licences. Anybody thinking of moving to an SSD system drive would be well advised to move all Wave licenses to their license cloud before starting!

There’s no point if cubase and your most used plugins are already installed on the ssd.