Samsung EVO ssd 500GB weird behavior

Hi everybody,
I’m finding a weird behavior from a Samsung EVO ssd 500GB I formatted on my Mac Mini to use with my new MacBook Pro: I formatted it in APFS thinking it would be better for OS Ventura but it’s not seen in MacBook finder, even if I can see it in Disk Utility, and it turns out to be not activated, while on Mac Mini it’s showed in finder and I can see some files I put into it…
I tried to activate using MacBook Pro Disk Utility but it looks like it’s impossible so I guess what can be the problem…
If I do the sos test it appears to be ok both in Mac mini and in MacBook.
What would you suggest? My I still trust this hd? Losing it would be annoying…
I put some images below
Thank you for helping,

SAMSUNG EVO SSD 500GB su macmini 00