Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10''

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S and the rest is in my signature, what can i do with this?
I mean what is the best way to utilize this tablet to whatever, give me something new
or better or faster in my workflow? Or something not requiring extra hardware for it?


You can run TouchDAW with rtpMIDI or ipMIDI for daw control.

Other than that…
You can communicate with clients via email on it! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Thats what i meant, for something more of controlling things then using it for softsynths or something.
I heard of another app that was for pro tools only before, now you can control Cubases mixer too.

OT, but are you running a Raid0 on your samsung SSDs as a drive c?
And how do you like that Sabretooth version? I’ve used Sabretooth on earlier chipsets but not the x99.

Give this a look. I was using a Samsung pro 12.2 with it.