Sandisk iXpand drive

I just got one of these and it is blindingly fast with Cubasis should anyone be considering getting one.

Thanks for sharing the info…


Hi Astrolasia

How does it integrate with Cubasis, does it appear as additional drive space for use within Cubasis ? or does it work for backup/transfer of files only (i.e files have to be on iPad for use in Cubasis) ?



When I posted initially I had only used the iXpand for saving mixdowns, this is just done using Share / Open with and is very quick. The reverse works in the same way.

What cannot be done is saving Zipped files direct to iXpand. This has to be done to Dropbox, but from there you can transfer to iXpand. This is a pain but no big deal as I was using Dropbox before getting the iXpand. Then from iXpand you can open directly into Cubasis.

I only have an iPad Air 2 so other options are not available for me to test, iTunes share for instance. Unless anyone knows where these fies get hidden, there might be a way of getting round it.

I also have the Sandisk wifi media drive which while good is very slow compared to the iXpand.

I hope this is helpful.

Adding further options is on our list for a future update.


Thanks for the info astrolasia and Lars

Keeping my eye on this as it would help me massively with my 16GB ipad mini 2 :smiley:

iCloud Drive, external hard drive and wireless flash drive support has now been added with 1.9.8.

Is there a list of what kind/brands of external hard drives will work somewhere?

Hi dolomick,

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to test all available products on the market.
We’ve made good experiences testing the external hard drive feature using SanDisk’s iXpand drive and other products.

A web search should provide an overview (and reviews) about the available external storage products for iOS devices.

Hope that helps.


I would be happy with even general guidelines, like would an external Samsung ssd work (or any other brand), one that does not have a power supply attached to it? Would a thumb drive work (some call it a jump drive)… Etc, etc