Sanre Drum Roll playback to different key?

I am using Dorico with a 3rd party drum set sample library. I have the percussion kit setup and the percussion map. I went into setup to edit the percussion playback technique of the rolls or tremolos to go to the roll plback technique. The technique is mapped to the midi note roll. However it does not work. When the roll or tremlo is assigned, playback does the default machine thing to the snare drum instead of playing the alternate note. How can I make the snare drum roll a different note and disable to default tremolo style?

How many tremolo strokes are you using? Check on the Timing page of Playback Options that the number of tremolo slashes you’re using will be interpreted as an unmeasured tremolo.

I have a similiar question.
I would like to get rolls to play back as realistic as possible, but the rock set never get’s it right. How can I change that i Groove agent?

In general, the drum set patches with Dorico don’t include sampled rolls. If you want a realistic roll, you should use one of the orchestral snare drums instead of a drum set.