Santa ... I mean Fed X arrives

Two quibbles so far

  1. when pulling the units towards yourself, the kickstands collapse. I’ll have to jury rig something to stop that from happening

  2. The unit connectors are barely functional. It doesn’t really snap together solidly and make it feel like a single device.

Overall - stupid easy to install and setup. Worked perfectly from the get go. No configuration needed at all.

QC - like being able to turn bands on/off using the function key.
Switching between freq and Q mode is easy once you read the manual.
Improvement would be to allow the selection of the eq type easily. Can probably program that, but haven’t got that far yet.
Quick Key mode worked perfectly with several VSTi I tried. Of course I expected that to work as all you are doing is assigning an automation function to a slot.
Haven’t tried MIDI mode yet. That will probably be the hardest to wrap my head around

CH - works well however …
The meter is very dim. If you look at the picture, you can see the blue light on the QC easily, you can’t tell that the meter is on. In a dark room it is easier to see, in a lit room it is damn near invisible.
Many of the functions don’t have a “lighting” mode on the buttons, making it hard to tell that it works. You have to be watching the screen to make sure it did what you wanted. Not a huge deal, but some kind of feedback would be nice.

Oddities that may or may not matter … Since the units are made to work stand alone, there is tons of duplicate functionality between units. This is a bit weird when the units are used together.

:imp: where are you based may I ask? On the Steinberg site itself I get a “BUY IT NOW: CMC Series will be available soon in your country” and on the Thomann Cyberstore (based in Germany) I get a “shipment due to arrive on 31.10.2011”… :imp:

I’m in the US, but I think only the CH and QC are available right now. I believe the other units are rolling out over time. So, if you ordered the TP or FD, I think those are not coming for a bit.

I’m in th US and I just received the FD and TP is coming tomorrow from sweetwater…


interesting. good to know.

a studio of mirror… trippy man…

Don’t tell anyone, but I have the REAL wonderland studio! :laughing:

Either that or, I took the picture with a cheap video capture camera while it was plugged into the computer. Not sure which.

I think he means all your gear is in the wrong place on the table :wink:

ahhh, well I’m actually right handed, but have a lot of issues with my right hand, so I’ve become pretty much either handed with a lot of things for when my right hand acts up.

They are all available now in the US. Mine arrived yesterday as well… I hooked them up but haven’t been able to do more than a simple test of their functions. I got the CH, the AI, and the TP.

JMCecil: you mentioned that the meter on the CH wasn’t bright. Does the CH actually have a meter? I thought only the FD had metering on the selected channel. I was unable to see any metering on the CH when I tested it out, but I was in a well-lit room.

Look at the first picture in the first post. You can see the red bar on the left hand side close to the top. That is a single meter that runs pretty much full height on the CH.

EDIT: hm maybe its just a fader and not a meter… my bad

It’s a fader.

I have the CH. On the FD, the touch-strip faders double as meters when they’re not being touched. Is the same true for the CH? That’s why I asked–you called it a meter, but as far as I know the CH fader only functions as a fader, not a meter.

right, it is just a fader. In the pictures and videos of the device the red bars are much brighter than they are on my unit. For example in the steiny introduction video you can see three bright red bars for the fader. On my unit, the main bar is no where near that brightness and there is virtually no light on the surrounding two bars. If the lights are on and I lean back, I can barely see the red bar. If I put my finger on the fader it is impossible to tell where the bar is. I have the unit plugged directly into the USB slot of the MB, so it should be getting plenty of juice.

I’m sure I’ll get used to putting my finger down on the visible red bar, but it isn’t as easy to spot as I had hoped. I really have to LOOK at the strip.

Interesting. I’ll take another look, but I didn’t feel like the lights indicating the fader position on my unit were dim…

Nah, I meant the PiP in the monitor… But you do raise a point…

Try setting the cmcs on the left that way you don’t have to compete with your mousing hand. You may be able to mix using two hands :mrgreen: Unless of course you use your left hand exclusively for key commands.

Looks great!