Santa Ignored the Naughty list this year

I have single coils coming out my ears … Got a little something to shred in the new year.

Sweet! I need something right along those lines myself. Between this and a photo my friend posted on Facebook of his new (old) '67 blackface Fender Super I’m feeling a little jealous.

I hope it brings you some joyful shreddin’. :sunglasses:

gadz, I’d love to get my mits on one of those, it would go great with my 50’s Strat. But playing that combo indoors is bad for the foundation.

My shreddin ability is best kept in the headphones :stuck_out_tongue: Also, a floating trem is very interesting. After using a strat where you basically have to stand on it to get it warbble a little (not to mention zero chance of remaining in tune), I can’t do anything but make it sound like someone is killing the guitar … slowly.

VERY nice. Reminds me a bit of my Parker Fly. Lots of lovely extra bits(though I’ve lost my whammy bar). If you’re sticking to headphones…I got this for Christmas

Shred away in peace! :sunglasses:

haha! awesome.

What model is that Ibanez? Does it have a pull to split the 'bucker? I’ve got a JS1200. :sunglasses:

It is an RG3550. It doesn’t have a splitter. The middle pickup is an actual single coil. Middle+Bridge has some interesting sonics. Very bright, but with some balls to go with it. It will be interesting if I can do some semi-country style chicken picking and cascades with that tone.

I’ve had an Ibanez MIJ “Roadstar II” for 25 years and, although I have other nice guitars, it’s still the one I gig with. Similar setup, 2 humbuckers, one single coil in the middle and a great Floyd Rose trem. I changed the wiring and added Graph Tech stringsavers and, although it’s not much to look at, it plays and sounds fantastic…

It’s nice when you can get great use out of stuff like that.