Has anybody tried one of these interfaces:

Its a USB C device, I have a note 9.

I’m going on a long driving holiday soon and taking a guitar, I would love to do some recording on the road. So far I’m very impressed with Cubasis.

Alternatively I could take my Focusrite 2i2 I suppose, that’s only just occurred to me. I’ll test it tomorrow and report back if it works.

My USB C lead came today so I tried some recording. The good news is that it works with my Focusrite, the bad news is delay.

I re-boot the phone, put it in airplane mode, start a new project in Cubasis, set my levels and it does a really good job of capturing whatever sound I’m putting in from my guitar, unfortunately it has about 100-120ms delay, like a slap-back. I tried the Delay Compensation but this appears to do nothing, whether it’s on 0 or 200 it seems the same. I also tried changing the engine latency from 20 to everything else and this doesn’t help.

Any ideas Dev’s?

It’s a Note 9 that I run very clean with plenty of free memory and a 3rd gen Focusrite. I’m really impressed with the App so far, I’ve uploaded a ton of loops and sounds to the phone to play with but recording my own guitar, bass or vocals is not going to work with this input delay.
Watched a couple of vids where they don’t have this issue but they are on ios.