SATB Choir with body percussion

I’m trying to add some percussion to a player in a choir (stomp / clap).
Is there a way to add a percussion to the choir so that it shows up as part of the choir.
Adding an instrument to an ensemble player is not possible, but is it possible to add a new player with an arbitrary to my choir so that the brackets include that player?
Any other suggestions how to achieve percussion line above/below a player?

If you want to show a separate percussion line for each voice part, you could add an extra player with the percussion instrument and intersperse them between each of the voice parts, perhaps?

Thanks for the quick reply! I think I found a viable solution for me by changing the ensemble type to small ensemble, this allows me to add solo players (percussion) in between the standard players of the choir.
It would be even better if it would be possible to scale individual players in the layout options, but scaling all the notes is good enough for me :slight_smile:

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Found it! Perfect, thanks.

Right click any stave and change the scale factor.

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