SATB has become ATBS

Hello Dorico users
I was trying to get rid of the heading “Full score” at the top of every page of an SATB arr. Then I found that the Sop part had dropped to the bass line and the other three parts had moved up. I can’t find any to reverse this, inc. Ctrl-Z. In Setup mode, the list in the RH window gives the parts in the right order. Does anyone know…
(1) How I get my SATB parts back in the right order?
(2) How to get rid of the “Full score” title at the top of each page. I realize I can delete the part title in Setup mode, but I figure there must be a better way. I’m not finding it in the online help (“hide part name at top of page”)
Tx for any help.

Score order is the same as Player order, in the left panel of Setup mode. You must’ve changed it inadvertently.

As for the Full Score text, it must be deleted in the First Master page, on the bottom right panel of Engrave mode.

Well thanks for the hint, LSalgueiro. But as you can see from the attached pic, my player order is correct in LH of Setup mode. But the score order is still ATBS. Any other ideas, anyone?

Can you zip it up and post it here? Sometimes it’s difficult to troubleshoot from a screenshot.

Thanks Dankreider. I can’t find a way to zip it.
Any thoughts are welcome. By the way, this is still the single version of Dorico (pre-pro). I haven’t upgraded yet.

In that case, you should go to Layout Options > Players, and see if you’ve somehow setup a custom player order. But this is somewhat harder to do inadvertently, and I’ve heard of no reports where this just happens… Even if there isn’t, you’ll be able to fix it from there.

Thanks. That’s exactly what happened. But how it happened I have no idea.

zipping is quite easy for this forum. Just add a .zip extension to any file and it will go through.