Thank you, Steinberg. Cubase 9 is really good. In terms of CPU usage it performs even better than Logic Pro X on the MAC according to my own tests. I am very satisfied at last! Since 7.0 it was a disaster, but I am glad you finally nailed it! Congratulations! :smiley:

It certainly does not perform anywhere near close to Logic X on Mac. You’ve got to be kidding or you don’t really use both programs.

James, when it comes to thirdparty VSTis, Cubase is demonstrably better than logic.
Please check NI Kontakt e.g., then you’ll see how bad logic is in this area. This is a fact.


So you’re basing Cubases performance on Mac on one 3rd party VST?
My experience is that I can push Logic X on Mac way further , including 3rd party VST ( audio units) with better CPU performance and much better GUI responsiveness.

As I see it, the user is happy the software is doing what he needs it to do over the other options. Nothing else need to be said in that case.

We go through life using products that perform poorly in a particular use, yet someone else has great success. " clap on…clap off" :wink:

I am very long Cubase user (since SX1 I think) But then I used to work in Logic for 2 maybe 3 last years since I switched to MAC and it appeared that Cubase performed bad on OS X. Here is my old thread

I have both of them, but from now I will keep logic only for compatibility with my old mixing projects done with it.

I agree that GUI response of Cubase is bad. But I think they will fix it.

Iv’e had very much the opposite experience. When I demoed Logic Pro X on my Mac, it without a doubt outperformed Cubase with CPU efficiency when I created projects in both with all the same tracks, groups, instruments, plug-ins, routing, etc. Hmm! This was using the AU versions in Logic of all the same plugins and instruments in Cubase. Maybe AU is more efficient than VST on Mac?

Its totally dependant on what you Plugins you use obviously, what may work for some may not for another, I find Logic and Cubase comparable ATM. Not sure that AU is better, a lot are the VST in a shell. Caveat being the GUI sluggishness in Cubase does not exist in Logic.

I used to own Logic, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Cubase performs better for me in every conceivable way.

I’m on Windows. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t agree more! I had some downtime and ran the C9 trial through the ringer this past weekend, along with a few of my big film scoring templates (running dozens of VI’s on both slave and MacBook master), and it didn’t flinch…not a single crash believe it or not. I have also been using Logic X and C8 the past couple of years. I love Logic, but C9 IMHO is the best version yet! I’ll definitely be paying the $199 upgrade. Plus, the new zoning features are very similar to Logic (having the editors/mixer open directly below the main screen, etc). I’m sure I’ll find a few annoyances, but it runs solid on Sierra and stability is key. This board is so saturated with negativity, so it’s cool to see someone post something positive for a change.

Good work, Steinberg :smiley:

Agree about all the negativity here ,
Also greatly enjoying cubase 9 !

Good work SB !

Yup, running C9 here on Mac OS Sierra and all is great. Best version yet!

FYI: The only board I’ve personally seen where people are largely positive (even talking about issues is very welcome there – it’s just generally done in a constructive, non-yelling/freaking-out way…but the company itself is very responsive and involved, so maybe that helps?) and mega-helpful with barely any tantrums or insults is Reaper.