This is a completed (as far as composition is concerned anyway) track from another Philter album, “Planets and Atmospheres”, there’ll be around 14 tracks in all so I’ve a way to go yet :slight_smile:

Here it is anyway:

Please help yourself. Any critique on the mix is fine too :sunglasses:
Drums are Addictive Drums Chemical Kit.


Sounds good, brotha Phil. Like the atmosphere and the vibe. Also like that deep kick. The snare is too repetative; try some different velocity layers for some of the hits. Also, it’s a bit mono. That intentional?


I normally really enjoy your work. Hey: I’ve even paid for some of it!

However, on this one there’s not much of the “journey” that your work usually take me on. [Or if there is, it’s a fairly uneventful, late night, taxi ride after a long, rain spoiled day.]

That’s maybe a wee bit harsh since there’s nothing actually wrong with it: it just doesn’t have your usual width, texture or movement.

But hey: what do I know‽


:arrow_right: Jeff, thanks for the listen. Might be I have the same part panned left and right and it’s overdone a tad. I’ll make a few changes there. Cheers :sunglasses:

:arrow_right: Rory: Thanks for the listen. Yeah, I’m gonna have this problem I think, tackling these ere planets. I had that spiky sound that keeps peeking through to kind of represent the debris orbiting in the rings. It’s more ambient than anything else this piece but I can still do a thing or two I think, I’ll look into it. Thanks for buying too, I often wonder where the money comes from, it’s always so anonymous this music thing. Guess that’s the way it’s always been. Personally, I’d like to know so I could write to people and thank them personally. I sold a CD in Japan a while back, wonder what the Japanese for “cheers” is :blush:


Hi, listened twice, and generally agree with comments above. Was wondering though, if there are eight or nine planets, what makes up the 14?

That would be telling :slight_smile: I think there are only 7 planets now that Pluto has been given the elbow but I was planning on adding a few extra tracks anyway. Looking like an hours worth of tuneage, maybe more…

Thanks for the listen :sunglasses:

Cool. Don’t forget Earth!

Oddly enough, I was gonna omit Earth as it has plenty of music already.



So, stepping in the footsteps of Holst eh? :wink:

Nice vibe. You know, I was thinking those ‘spiky’ sounds - the debris, why not simulate rotation by automating their pan position? Tempo-sync’d left to right? Might also help address this issue:

Just a thought. :slight_smile: And yeah… it probably could do with some other musical ‘event’ happening somewhere in the middle…



Hey Phil,

You produce a lot of songs, and also in all different styles.
What I miss in your songs is diversity. Now I know it is ambient stuff you do, not typical songs.
This particular song is a bit like massive attack.

You could do a little more movement, route a few tracks through a bus and run those throug a LP filter, move everything to a darker tone to build up some tention so the next bit will be more fresh again. This way the listener will be more in a sightseeing ride.
Like when you travel through the desert, it’s all sand but some times you spot some differences in height and colour tones, sometimes a dead animal or lost plants, maybe an oase.

In your case planets, rings, moons, sunflares, twinkling starts.

If you paint that in with filters, drumbreaks and spot arpergiators the piece can be a lot more attractive.

Greetz Dylan.

yep, sounds good. Love the bass drum and harp. well done. jw

Thanks for the feedback, Dylan. I’ll take a look at changing the scenery a bit :sunglasses:

John, glad you liked it. Not 100% there yet but very close :sunglasses:


i like trippy music and sounds like this!

i think there’s a lot you could do to the drums still. they sound too “normal” compared to the rest of the music. it’s like they keep you from getting to that other world that the rest of the music is trying to take you. maybe you could try some delay/reverb and playing with panning, and some changes, maybe even a break from the drums at some point. or also use less traditional sounds for the snare and high hat like you did for the bass drum.

Hey Sev, thanks for the feedback. Will probably make a few changes this week sometime.

Hi Phil,

This sounds good, but I have to agree with the others: it could do with a bit more variation.
You got some great tips already.

I’m curious to hear what the other planets will sound like! :sunglasses:


I like getting lost in these drones and atmospheres. its like mind food, this has a cold and barren feel to it.
cool project phil

yea atmospheric and cold. cool. since it’s completed as far as composition I’ll skip the nits, but some of the other peoples ideas would work, I think you successfully got the vibe you were going for.

Anything to do with space and I’m interested. :ugeek:
A video to go with this would be pretty cool!
I reckon this would work really well in a Science/Space documentary.


Thanks for the listens folks. I used Ian’s idea on this (thanks Ian :sunglasses: ) and my planet actually does rotate now which adds more interest to the piece. Just a few more tweaks and it’s done :sunglasses: