sausage fattener

I thought it was a joke but it certain does what it says on the tin :wink:

Aloha G and thanks for that link.

I looooooved the ad and the product does do just what is says.

I can achieve a similar sound with some 3rd party stuff
but it would take me several steps, several plugs and mucho time.

With this thing you just turn up ‘fatness’ and it just works.

My younger clients are going to love it.

Thanks again. and ‘Good Work’ @ the ‘Dada Life’ guys

it made me laugh when I first saw the ad but I thought I would give it a go and yes it’s making a few processing steps really easy , well worth the few pounds it cost

this is a really good little plugin and for the money it’s a no brainer really ,it certainly transforms tracks with just one knob , :wink: very good :smiley: :smiley: