Save 40% - Activation

I recently purchased Cubase Artist to have the option to upgrade to Cubase Pro 10.5.
However, I have a few questions:

1 - Is it possible to activate without USB e-licenser?

2 - If it is not possible to activate without the USB e-licenser, does Steinberg have a project for the “near future” to exclude the e-licenser? The USB e-licenser is always in short supply in the country!

Thank you!

I contacted Steinberg support in my country and they informed that the registration needs to be done by the 28th, if this doesn’t happen, I won’t have Cubase Pro activation.
In this case, this will not be possible, as it is not possible to register without the USB key and it takes time.
If so, do I have to cancel?
Thank you.

You can’t activate Artist without the USB e-Licenser. If you want to cancel your purchase (if that is what you mean by “Cancel”), you need to start with the vendor you purchased it from.
There is some information from Matthias Quellmann here…

Thank you, Jaslan.
It is a bit confusing, because the software I bought at the Steiberg Online Shop, but the elicenser was elsewhere.
Therefore, I believe there will be no time to activate.
Even so, I appreciate your message.
Good sounds for you.

If you bought the software in the Steinberg online shop, then accordinc to what Matthias Quellmann wrote, you are eligible for the deal.