Save 40% on Nuendo 11 Retail, Crossgrades and Immerse with VST AmbiDecoder

They’ve released updates 11.0.10 & 11.0.20 simultaneously which suggests to me they’re developing them in a joint manner with feature/fix parity. I made the crossgrade on one Cubase licenses for some of the FX plugins and automation features, not so much the video/post features.

After not using Nuendo since version 2 the UI colour of Cubase has gradually gotten as dark Nuendo over the years and that seems the same now, object highlighting in red is nicer IMO.

As for features ending up in Nuendo in a delayed manner may be a way of keeping new feature/bugs out of Nuendo until they’re no longer a danger to the app’s stability, which if true I would prefer to wait instead of tearing my hair out when they drop a clanger update for Cubase.

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@MattiasNYC @s3576742 Thanks for your insight! Looks like I’m going for the “surrender” crossgrade then. Just have to make sure I transfer all the settings I want from Cubase, before doing the crossgrade. :slight_smile: (I actually prefer not to copy the settings files, but rather look at this as a fresh new start. But I sometimes have to go back to Cubase to remember certain settings.)

I’m sure you could just get a trial license for the other one in order to have both open at the same time to replicate the settings across, that’s how I transferred all my settings, I also took it as an opportunity to tweak a few options whilst doing so.

If I remember correctly, I may already have used a trial license for Cubase Pro, before I crossgraded from Pro Tools back in 2015. I probably would have to contact Steinberg to get a new one for this purpose…?

Hi eirik_myhr,

you can use the Nuendo 11 trial license to transfer all your settings and make sure everything works as you expect it before activating the permanent license. The application itself won’t get changed, is just the license that will allow you to keep using it after the trial period has ended.

PS: And yes, Nuendo will always include all music features from Cubase, a few months later in most cases after new releases, but it will get them eventually.

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Thanks so much @Luis_Dongo - that’s all I need to know :smiley:

I was thinking more of a case where I already have done the crossgrade, but let’s say in 6 months I remember this function, setting or macro from Cubase that I can’t seem to recreate inside Nuendo. Probably won’t be a problem - but in this eventuality, are you open for temporary licenses (maybe only 1 day) so I can find the lost function and resume in Nuendo…? :slight_smile:

Make sure you keep all your presets etc, in those xml files, many of them can simply be dragged into Nuendo’s corresponding folder and be used as the config.

I truly wish Nuendo was just higher tier license above Cubase Pro so that it would let you run all versions of Cubase below it, you’re still restricted to the one PC the elicenser, even if an NFR license or something where it depends on the Nuendo License being present on the same key maybe. I don’t know how it’s technically possible, or if Steinberg would see that way.

Another solution would be a feature request, for a configuration management window to granularly address all the XML files and allow the comparison of settings and allow saving /loading of different config sets.

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