save a loop in cubase 6 Artist froö vst instrument


I can´t find the option to save a loop (export) based from a vst instrument (line superior drummer 2 or halion se).
anyone who could help? where should I find this option?
Woad Raider

MIDI Loop is what it’s called. Select the event that lies on the Instrument Track and choose File -> Export -> MIDI Loop.

Hi Ilmoto,

I used to use indeed “file> export> midi loop” but the option is greyed (I can’t select it) and do not know why.

what do you mean with “select the event that lies on the instrument track”?

thanks again

Select the event with the mouse. Click on it. It uses the selection for export, not the left and right locators like a normal Audio Mixdown.

This option is greyed out, because it only works with Instrument tracks. Wish, it would work with MIDI tracks too.
In MediaBay you can later search and prelisten to them, doubleclicking them there will equally
create an Instrument Track.

Hope this helps.
All the best.