Save a track preset in Elements, open it in Pro?

Hi folks,

Anyone know if it’s possible to save a track preset in Elements, then open it in Pro? And all plugins will also be saved / imported?


The Track will save & load just fine going in either direction.

Plugins loaded into tracks are never really saved or imported as part of a Track or Track Preset. The plugin is an independent element that Cubase can use if the plug is installed on your DAW. Cubase will save info about the preset you are using for that plug. So if a plug-in is installed on both systems then if you create a Track Preset on one it will work on the 2nd system. But if that plugin is not installed on the 2nd system then the Track Preset will load but give an error saying it couldn’t find the plug. It doesn’t really matter between Elements & Pro except Pro has plugs that Elements does not so those could only be loaded & used in Pro.

Ya could just give it a test try and see what happens.


Basically what i want to do is use a second instance of Cubase (Pro, Artist, Elements, whatever) as an effects rack to record through. I’ll run this instance of cubase at very low latency on a separate soundcard (RME HDSP 2496), sub one millisecond. But this low level of latency wouldn’t be practical for my main Cubase DAW.

My idea is to play live through plugins in this “FX rack” Cubase , then record clean (no FX) into my “main” Cubase, then copy the FX chain from the “FX rack” Cubase to my “main” Cubase.

Hmmmmm, clear as mud i’m sure!

Anyone ever tried something like this? I already did some testing with it, but using Ableton as the FX rack, and it seems to work great. But obviously i can’t copy the plugin chain unless i use something like Blue Cat Patchwork.

You know you can run both Cubase 10 & Cubase 9.5 (or other) at the same time on the same PC.

Have you made sure that just using the effects normally while you record doesn’t meet your needs? I suspect you are taking the long way around the block only to end up someplace that looks a lot like where you started. Lots of folks find that changing the buffer size between tracking & mixing and using Constrain Delay Compensation is more than adequate to deal with latency. Make sure you are not solving a non-existent problem.

You’re right in a way, and for people who aren’t sensitive to latency, it’s probably fine…but i’m VERY sensitive to it.

The advantage of doing it the way i want to is that you can totally forgot about latency in your main DAW and just set it to a rock-solid, medium level.

And in my “FX rack” instance, i can go for the absolute lowest setting my soundcard can muster (0.7ms).

I’ll try the 10 / 9.5 combo, see how it goes!

Cheaper than buying another even limited copy. Not sure it will like using a different audio interface, but suspect it will be fine with it.