'Save ALL Mixer Settings' & 'Vari-Audio'

I’d love a good explanation as to why this simple, one step procedure and feature, 'THAT I THRIVED ON, went away. Why? It made my mixing life much easier and FASTER for starting mixes.

I’ve been a licensed user of Steinberg for a very very long time; since the mid 90’s when Steinberg was merely a midi sequencing app, even before they started with their first rocky attempt at ‘Virtual Studio’ which led up to their invention of ASIO compatibility for PC.

So I have a real beef with some of the features removed since Cubase 5. One being the 'Save ALL Mixer Settings" feature, which was one that I used constantly to speed my mix loading process into related matching structured templates that I use on sessions, where multiple songs have been tracked on a single session sitting. That feature allowed me to snap and entire mix into place only having to make a few miner adjustments or even major adjustment if the song has big dynamic differences, but it was still a hell of a starting point for a fresh mix. I’m REALLY upset that that feature is no longer there, along with several other changes in which they have changed on the editing palette.

BTW, just saving ‘project files’ in versions saves all automation and everything. The problem with that is that you have to take into account that you might want to keep all your newer automations changes but go back your previous overall sound settings without forgoing all your newer edits and automation. It is a serious pain in the arse NOT having the “Save ALL Mixer Settings Feature.” I so relied on that for speed. Especially given that you have to to do 2 to 3 times the work these days to earn from engineering.

The new and narrowed-down 'Save Selected Channels" is a time consuming step-by-step process that eats time, and you have to think about bus assignments that may have been made in one project in order to make your settings work. I didn’t have to do that time-consuming drill-down in Cubase 5.

I’ve tried selecting ALL the channels, saving them and then reloading them all at once and have had issues. It even crashed my Mac Pro 6 core. The other thing about ‘Save All Mixer Settings’ in the previous versions, specifically in Cubase 5, it would remember and set your routed bus assignments. That can be a gotcha if you don’t realize that but also a great benefit once you know that it does (or did) that. So needless to say I’m displeased over some of the so called “improvements.”

Vari-Audio doesn’t not snap quite in tune like it did in version 5 either. I have a very acute ear for tuning and I used to be able to even by event snap vocal lines in place and it sounded quite close to tuned without having to re-touch the snap. In Cubase 8 I took the same approach and the singer sounded sharp throughout the entire song! So I had to re-touch everything.

I still love the app, but I’ve been having very unpleasant private conversations with the the computer while having to waste more time dealing the inconvenient changes and the absence of the ‘Save All Mixer Settings’ feature. Time wasted at my age equals life wasted, when it comes to working mixes, because it takes longer for me to work, even after I’m acclimated to the new changes, which equates money lost and life not lived.

I wish I could have all my time back I’ve lost to software “upgrades” over the years… Believe me, I went into Cubase 8 kicking and screaming when I bought my Mac Pro, after Cubase 5 worked so long and efficient for me for years. It was solid as a rock.

That’s the end of my griping session. Please take note of this Steinberg and bring it back!!

Many of us working pros need SPEED, ease, and key commend-able accessibility to features. It seems I have to do a heck of a lot more mouse clicking in Cubase 8 to access things when I work, which is hell on my mouse hand. Yes I know about creating custom key commands. I’ve already don that to a great extent.

Again, I love this app over Protools. If you ever need someone to beta test to spot important oversights like the ones I’ve mentioned above, especially on the working audio end, I would be a good one to consult because I liv it.

Saving of channels in the old manner is lost. I don’t need it much or prefer working with track archives (not as fast but includes routing, sidechains etc.) for such purposes.

VariAudio was changed in its default behaviour, it moves the notes relative to the grid. This can be changed in program settings (look for tools/modifiers) to how it worked in Cubase 5 + 6.

So no more saving channles or save all channels ? I cant even find where to archive track to reimport if that is the new way to go to transfer settings and levels to subsequent songs of same session .