Save all mixer settings

I know the work-round is to save each project as a separate file, but unless I’m missing something, a “Save all mixer settings” in the F3 panel would go a long way, and could keep everything in the same project window.
A simple snapshot of all the mixer settings so a new mix can be set up within the same project would be excellent. If I’ve missed this setting in 9.5 then please point me in the right direction, as this pretty logical option doesn’t appear to be included.


That used to be a feature… it got removed at some point around the v7 cycle… who needs things like that anymore these day? Not I (sarcasm)! I’ve stopped upgrading ever since Steinberg decided to start jamming new half-baked features into Cubase… I wish there was an alternative to cubase, or at least a DAW that fame close because it’s seriously tuned into a convoluted mouse click fest…


Maybe I am missing the point of your request? But, there is a place to save your mixconsole configurations. Make sure you have the “Channel Visibility Configuration” section active. From there is were you can add, delete, rename, etc.

Regards :sunglasses: