Save an audio clip on a track to a media bay audio folder

I’ve searched as best as I could but what’s probably the answer right in front of me just isn’t showing itself. This is a pretty basic thing. I have an audio clip that i’ve cut from a freezed track and I’m trying to save it for later use. I’ve tried dragging it into the media bay without success. I’ve selected the clip in the track to highlight it but can’t find where an option to save it would be anywhere on the interface.
It’s stumped me…
Anyone care to make me look like an idiot and enlighten me with something so basic… :man_shrugging:t2:

You cant… mixdown the designated track to have it as an audio file in the media bay

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Hi Funkspace,
If you set the left and right markers for the audio section in question, make sure this track is set to Solo the go into Media Bay and create a Mixdown in whatever format you want. This mixdown file can then be dragged and placed in the Media/Audio/My Audio Files.
Hope this helps :+1:
Regards, Mike

Ps, we never stop learning :wink:

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Sorry CJ,
I just noticed you have already stated the obvious above :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Ah, but the inclusion of the loop markers takes a lot of hassle away from editing the clip from a complete track rendering afterwards!
It would be nice though to be able to drag and drop from a clip of audio to the media bay and be presented with a pop-up to export the clip as it is or with the effect inserts processed.

Many thanks guys for the advice.

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Just double tab the audio file and in the audio editor you can save it to the bay

Wow, you have shown us all up here🫢 but now we know👍