save and load entire project without audio files?


If I have a project, with some tracks and effects, pannning etc… Is it possible to “copy” the entire project settings? So I can start a new project, and get the exact same channels and its settings, inserts, effects, sends etc… in this new project? Without the audio files that was in the first project.


You could delete all the events, purge them from the pool and save as template.

Or name each track sensibly and then use file/save selected tracks.

Then in any new project you can use import/track archive and import as few or as many as you want of the tracks from a list.

I get paranoid when deleting things from a project pool. :wink:

So be careful when you are creating a new template that if/when you do delete events and purge them from the pool that you are not deleting things from your original project.

When creating a new template I usually use the “Back Up Project” function first and save it with a totally different name in a new different folder. Then I open that new project and delete the project events and purge the pool of everything I do not want in a new template. Then I use the “Save As Template” function from there and then, usually, I trash the project and folder I saved during the “Back Up Project” step and delete it’s entry from the Hub’s “Recent” list.

Regards :sunglasses: