save and re-apply custom score layout options?

New to Dorico here. It seems what I’d like to do is possible in Dorico but I can’t figure it out.

I’ve set up a custom score layout with several layouts preferences and now I’d like to apply these same preferences to another custom score layout.

So far, I’ve tried going to layout options, selecting my preferred custom layout from the list on the right, choosing “save as default custom score layout”, then selecting my new custom score layout on the right, but I don’t see a button for “apply custom score default” or anything like that, so I’m a bit confused how to proceed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Try this, which works for me:

  1. In Layout Options, select your custom layout you tweaked
  2. From the bottom left dropdown, select “Custom” and then click “Save as Default”
  3. If you’ve already created another custom layout, select it from the list
  4. Layout type: Custom, and “Reset to Saved Defaults.”

Does that work for you?

Thanks Dan! Yes, that did the trick. I almost tried that before, but stopped myself, because when I hovered my mouse over that button I got a popup message that reads ‘revert to factory’ – and I knew I didn’t want that! I’m unsure how that message is helpful. Anyway, that’s my perspective as a new user. Thanks a million.

There’s what looks like a little bug there.
The problem is that the “Reset to Saved Defaults” button becomes the “Reset to factory” button if you hold down the Alt key on your keyboard. It looks like the popover text isn’t aware as to whether you’ve got the Alt key held down or not.