Save and Save All commands

I don’t understand the difference between Save and Save All. Please explain when should I do a Save and when should I do Save All.

Save doesn’t do anything (except beep at you) if the score hasn’t changed. If you have made changes in the playback VST settings then Save won’t save those changes unless you make a change to the score first.

Save All doesn’t beep at you but doesn’t save these settings either. So I am really confused how to do this. Up until now I have just selected a note and changed the pitch and then reset the pitch so I can save VST settings. There must be something I am missing.

Save All simply saves all open projects that have unsaved changes, but like Save it won’t perform a save operation if the score isn’t dirty. Ideally in the future we will be able to mark the score as dirty when you make a change in a VST plug-in you are using, but that isn’t possible at the moment.

In lieu of marking the score as dirty when a VST setting is changed, why not just Save when the user selects the Save command regardless of whether anything is dirty or not. It doesn’t take long even on large scores. Maybe it once did take a long time, but I see no advantage to check to see if anything is dirty or not.

It can take a long time if you’re using lots of VST instruments that are not especially parsimonious about the data they save (through no fault of their own) – e.g. a large Vienna Ensemble Pro configuration that has not been decoupled from the host.

I see. I am using a large Vienna Ensemble Pro config but it is always coupled. Load times are so good these days with current laptops that I always prefer to wait for the load rather than the save. Well, I hope you can figure out how to do this when the VST is dirty. Or maybe a preference that allows me to save regardless of the state.

This is something that is on our list to do (along with a great many other things). The audio engine does report to Dorico whether the plugin state has changed, but it needs extra infrastructure on the Dorico side to call this at the appropriate time.

On Windows I have developed the habit of doing Save All and pressing return twice to force save.

You meant Save As right? This is acceptable for now (even though on Mac it requires a mouse click). I’ll get in the habit soon enough. Thanks.

Ah yes, sorry, was on autopilot…