"Save " and "Save as" button

I believe you can also duplicate a project from within the file picker that appears if you click Open or Import File in the bottom left-hand corner of the Hub by long-pressing on any of the files that you see there.


I can’t help feeling that all the problems in this thread are caused by the autosave function within Dorico. If it wouldn’t be there (or could be disabled) there should just be a save and a save-as function. In that case, you simply have control over saving your project.
Saving is then simple, unambiguous and reliable.
Moreover, you do not need workarounds such as a share or duplicate function.


THANK YOU for pointing this out. I guess this is an iPad-style way of doing things but it had me, an iPad newbie, completely stumped. Why Dorico offers Rename and Delete from the Hub for projects but nothing else is a bit strange but this does indeed work perfectly.

It‘s especially important for me since I am editing chord diagrams and the only way to keep these from one project to another is to keep copying the project and reusing it.

Well, after wasting 15 minutes today when transposing a passage up an octave crashed my iPad app three times in a row and blew away the previous few minutes of work after it auto saved, I came to see if there was a way to fix this.

Until you prevent the app from crashing (it does this at least once a day) you need a Save feature so we can save when we’ve completed something and before we try something that might crash the app like transposing a passage. Which means you need the feature. Your engineers have too much faith in themselves.

As Douglas Adams wrote:

“The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong it usually turns out to be impossible to get at or repair .”

Welcome to the forum, @lezardsmusicaux. I’d be very interested to see the project that is causing Dorico for iPad to crash when transposing. Would you be willing to share it with us, either by posting it here or by sending it to me via a private message, together with the steps required to reproduce the crash?