Save archive is incomplete on load


have now a new laptop, and my project had 8 songs with many parts.
to transfer the project with all settings, from old laptop to new laptop, i use the “save archiv” function.

On the new Laptop i opened, the first time, the project over the splashscreen “open other” navigate to the archiv folder and start the *.vlprij file.

My faults/incomplete are:
in 2 songs the tempotrack is empty
in 2 other songs the lyrictrack is empty
in 1 song a backingtrack intro, from 4 wavefiles only 2 loaded. The 2 other are without waveform and don’t play and wasn*t in the archiv folder.

its a little project, the archiv function save a lot of time and in the meantime i fix this, but i read, people have projects with over 100 songs, than it’s not funny, because this was random, to fix this :wink:

for your information.

Is there a folder “tempo” in the archived folder? If so, is there any file in it?

Same questions here: is there a “marker” folder archived, and does it contain files?

That must not be. Are those files in the folder where the original project was archived from? Do they play back there?
If all that is true, I would be extremely grateful for a) the original .vlprj file, possibly with its tempo or marker folder (whichever doesn’t get ported over), and the same for the archived folder. No need for audio files, just everything that’s small or at least the .vlprj files. Thanks a lot!

folder tempo exists, there are 8 files, i see, i made 6 files on 25.01 and 2 files on 27.01
folder marker exists, the same as tempo folder, 8 files in, but 6 created on 25.01 and 2 on 27.01

on the old laptop, yes, the audio files are in the projects\audio\gig folder
as *.wav and *.peak files and play in windows mediaplayer and vstl.
Project Archive to new (58.2 KB)
Project Source old (143.8 KB)

btw, i use 2 midicontroller, a fishman tripleplay connect for Midi Guitar that play a vst-keyboard and the Behringer FCB 1010 for Remote Control the VSTL Programm.

the tripleplayer works immediately, the fcb1010 i must all controls assign new, although it stands right in the action/hotkey menu.
i think it became a new device id from windows.

Thank you so much!
But when I attempt to load the source, there are 2 tempo files which are actually damaged. If I’m not mistaken, these are from the Songs “Stand my Ground”, and “Magic Highway”. Those have tempo tracks, but no entries. All other Songs have valid tempo files.
Loading the archived file yields the same result.
Can you load the source project (as you sent) and have tempo tracks in those 2 Songs?

It looks like the .mprjtempo files are actually really damaged. Those files have a header, which describes what is in there, but these files have all zeros at the beginning.

I’ll wait for your reply, thanks again for helping with your files!

If the port name is the same, it should find it. Is the name of the fcb exactly the same - not the visual name (1st), but the port (2nd)?

you’re right, Stand my Ground and Magic Highway, boot the old device and there are the 2 tempotracks now empty too.
I didn’t verify that, before the hardware change, because i make tempo and lyrics for all tracks.

Both port names are identical, the fcb is connected with a cheap usb-midi converter “USB 2.0 Midi”