Save Archive... | "Media Offline" on target computer

Does the updated has an expected time to become available today?

Hi @Stefan_Gillmeister,

it’s online now. See here. sorry, that I replying that late. There is always something coming up. It’s difficult to give a time-frame.


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Hello guys, thanks for the quick responses and support. The issue is now partially resolved. I will try to summarise the best I can:

1- On a project created with “linked” audio files (with the “Import: copy to project folder” not selected)

the Archive function is now working, and there is no “media offline” anymore. :grinning:

However, :cry: it seems that the audio files must all have unique names. I am getting the drums from one song also being placed on another songs in the same project/setlist.

2 - On a project created WITH the “Import: copy to project folder” selected, the archive is still showing “Media Offline” when opened on a different computer. With such project, I can copy the original folder to another computer and it works.

At the moment I have 2 projects, one of each as mentioned above, for my 2 bands. I will work on creating unique names for the audio files (i.e. “drums_song_name.wav”, “bass_song_name.wav”, etc) and see if it helps.


Working :slight_smile:

It seems to be working now with 1.1.82. :slight_smile: