Save as Default


I’ve spent the past few weeks falling in love with Dorico 3. None of the headaches that previous softwares gave me to format my scores. I don’t know if this subject has been brought up before. I’ve searched the forums but couldn’t find it, so here it goes:

Because I use a lot of custom noteheads, playing techniques, etc. I really appreciate the option to “Save as Default” (SaD) so I can use my custom notations in different projects. However, I am missing some kind of “feedback” telling me that my attempt to SaD has been successful; and something that signals or makes a distinction between which noteheads are actually SaD, for example.

Just to be clear, I mean something as simple as marking the custom notation objects or definitions that have been made default with the SaD star icon. This would be a small thing, but a nice addition in terms of user friendliness. This is just an example. :slight_smile:

Thank you for everything and keep up the amazing work!

Welcome to the forum, Miguel. I’m very glad you’re enjoying using Dorico so far.

We agree that it would be helpful to have some visual feedback to show you whether or not the selected item is currently part of your default library; the way we intend to do this in future is to show the star icon that you use to save something as default as filled when the item has been saved as default, and unfilled when the item has not yet been saved as default. The plan is also that you’ll be able to click the star button again to remove that item from your default library, too.

Great ideas! Thanks!

Amazing! Thank you so much for the responses. I’m glad to see how active this forum is, and thank you for listening to the community!