Save as Default

User interface: It is no longer possible to click the various Save as Default buttons in the Layout Options and Notation Options dialogs when more than one layout or flow respectively is selected; being able to do this in earlier versions could result in the saved options data being incomplete or inconsistent.

Is this a temporary change? It was useful to be able to select multiples. Could the Save as Default buttons have more feedback that they have saved?

No, this is not a temporary change. You can only save the defaults to be a single set of values, so simply choose the layout or flow that contains all of the options you want to save, and then click the appropriate Save as Default… button. Don’t forget that the purpose of these buttons are to set the defaults for new projects you create; they don’t have any actual effect in the project you’re working on, because simply confirming the dialog affects the project you’re working on in the way you would expect.

Ah yes… my bad. This makes sense. I’d got used to clicking save as default after each change whilst multiple layouts were selected, but it is easy enough to switch back to one to save as default. Thanks!


Am I right in thinking that whatever you’ve saved as default doesn’t apply to scores imported via musicxml? That’s the behaviour I’m seeing at least (OSX, version ← BTW is that last number some sort of hidden Battle of Hastings reference now that the UK team has ‘brexited’?).

I’d really like to have my defaults respected as when I import, I import many times per day, and it’s a faff to always set size, paper, etc, etc.

Best, Michael

Some layout options will come from the XML document itself, I believe. Of course, it’s very easy to just click “Reset to Saved Defaults” to get your settings back.

I’m guessing ‘No’. :wink:

Thanks Ben. In my case there are no layout options relating to staff size or paper size, for example, in the xml code. What I’m looking for is for the settings I’ve saved to be used on the next import, so I don’t have to wait for layout etc. to be done twice before being able to see the score (it’s a big one at the moment: 430 bars for large orchestra). But yes, Reset to Saved Defaults does work, albeit with the attendant wait. Best, Michael