Save as... Disabled

(Windows 11) I save projects to my C drive, to an external drive, and to MS OneDrive. Suddenly, Save as… is grayed out. I can only save to the default location. Any ideas why?

Restarting seems to have fixed it, but that was frightening. I’d hate to lose work. Is this a known issue?

No, I haven’t had that issue with Dorico but did run into similar problems when writing university papers years ago after which I began to save at regular intervals. Of course, this isn’t a complete resolution to the problem but it is better than losing a full day’s work!

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Thanks, @Mike_999 . I am a fanatic about protecting my work and even though I backup on the cloud, I take a thumb drive with my major scores everywhere I go. :slight_smile:

I had this happen once too. I would bet that this is a result of a Windows Update that installed but still needs a restart. Once you restarted, all the permissions were then corrected and everything was fine. If you search windows security update can't save files, there are a lot of similar results about this.

Great info. Thanks!

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