"SAVE AS" does not change location for audio files

Hi all,

I cannot find this in the menu’s or in the manual. I was hoping you could help me please.

When I am doing orchestral mockups, sometimes I like to compare different instruments of the same song. So maybe I am doing a classical piece, and decide to do 4-5 different versions with 4-5 different vendors to see who I love the most. The problem is, when I say “SAVE AS” and pick a new location to begin my second rendition, it still saves all my audio files etc back in the original project folder.

How can I get the entire project to start saving all files and audio files to the new location I choose for each “SAVE AS” version I create?

I typically create a root folder called the name of the song. Then create 5 folders inside that folder with the name of the vendor I will use (LASS, VSL, Symphobia, 8DIO or “Layered” which is all layered together). Once I finish the first mockup, I do File -> Save As -> “song name + LASS Version” and point it to the LASS folder. But nothing follows me except the project file and some backup files.

Can you please help or send me to the location in the manual that details this process? Thank you and I will continue to search for the answer.


hi Maestro2be

instead of using save as the better option which will save all audio and midi to the folder you require is " back up project" . backing up your project certainly creats all new audio files where you want them . :wink:


Yes, this is the right one way, if you have to have all differences in the new folder.

That worked! Thanks so much for the quick and awesome answers! I really appreciate it.


I am very thankful to have found this thread BEFORE I convert all my old Samplitude songs to Cubase 6.5. It should be an option when I save my song in a different than the original folder to keep or change the “base” folder of the project. It would be perfect if Cubase asked then whether I want to copy all used samples to the new folder or keep them in the original one.
I get round all this when I close a project and make a final “back up as” including my takes, but it already happened that whilst composing and working I deleted something in the pool because I thought it did not belong there and in fact it was a recording of a different project.