"Save As..." forgot a few bars

Saving a file with a new name using “Save As…”, did create the file—except for the Voice part, which was missing the last 4 bars. The score was complete, with all 6 parts, and the other 5 parts themselves were intact; there was plenty of space on the Voice part for the last line, but it wasn’t there. The piece has only 31 bars total.

I tried copying and pasting the last 5 bars from the score, but nothing happened. I added 5 bars to the Voice part, which, as expected, added them also to the Score, and put 5 empty bars lower on the page into the Voice part, followed, surprisingly, by that part’s last bar, and, on the next line, the missing bars. Here’s a screen shot. How do I fix the situation?

Impossible to know without seeing the actual document.

What does the Full Score look like?

What does the Part look like in Engrave mode, where you can see the frames?

Here’s the whole file.

Misty w: Voice -4 bars.dorico (1.29 MB)

I don’t know how you get there, but simply deleting (in Setup, select it and put it in the trash) the voice layout and recreating it (add a new part layout and select just the voice player) seems to fix it.

Thank you kindly, Janus. Following your suggestion, I added a Voice 2, copied and pasted Voice 1 from the complete score into Voice 2, then trashed Voice 1. All looks complete now.

Glad it worked that way, but unnecessary. No need to create a new voice2 and do a copy/paste. Have confidence and just delete the existing voice layout. This will not affect the notes in that player!

I took the belt and suspenders approach; if a similar glitch occurs, I’ll be bolder. Thanks again.

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One can always work on a copy of the file for safety.