save as in wl8.5.1 > where. change please

When you want to save a wav file with save as an click where, ‘select destination folder’ was always the first option, but now ‘select file using standard selector’ is the first option which I think is pretty annoying.
I am used of using the select destination folder for years and now I always click the wrong one now which drives me nuts. I want to type the first letter of the filename to find the right file and that only works in select destionation folder.
Is it please possible to change the order back to what it was? Please please…

Please show a picture so that I better understand what you mean.

I tried to make a screenshot, but as soon as I press the snipping tool button the menu is closed of course.
Like I said, if the order in the ‘save as’ for the ‘select destination folder’ and ‘select using standard selector’’ are swapped again the problem is gone.

I see now. Try to get accustomed to the keyboard shortcut maybe.

I don’t like keyboard shortcuts, I hardly use them. Why not just change it back like how it was like in all previous WL versions? It’s just a matter of swapping the order of these two, that’s it.

I will change it in 8.5.20 as in 8.

Thanks! Really appreciated!