"Save Channel Settings" Doesn't Keep Send Info

When saving channel settings for multiple channels and loading those settings to another session (that has all the same channels), all the send info gets removed, but the send amounts are retained once I re-assign the send to the channel. Not sure if this is a bug or what, but it’s really annoying to have to reassign all the sends in a 50+ track session over 10 songs.

Is there any work arounds for this?

Thanks in advance!


This works as specified like this.

@Martin.Jirsak So it’s not supposed to keep any of the sends? Is there a workaround to have it load sends from one session to another? Perhaps a preset or something?


Use the Import from Project function, please.

The problem with that is you then lose all your sidechain sends when you import some (but not all) of the tracks. I guess trying to copy settings between sessions will always be clunky.

Appreciate the quick responses Martin. Cheers!