Save Control Room Settings with project?

Is there a way to save the control room settings(inserts) with the project? For me this is an issue because I think its most comfortable to use referencing plugins on the the control room, but if this does not save with the project it makes it pretty tough to move between difference projects…

If not available how can I suggest as a feature. “Save control room settings with project”


Sorry, there is no way. The Control Room is system related, not project related. This is the whole idea and the purpose of the Control Room.

You can add “feature-request” tag to your post. But to me it sounds against the Control Room purpose.

One of the conceptual design flaws of cubase is what it considers to be “the system”. This for example is an issue in cases you have more than one Interface in use that you intend to use in different projects.
Further more, some of the control room settings should not be “system” dependend in the first place.
So bottom line: No, it is NOT against the control room purpose. Or in other words: It is only against the control room purpose if one assumes that there is one interface used all the time.

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Yes, I agree with that. The interface is a good example of other things that you would want to be project specific from control room, iE not system. My issue as stated before is reference plugins on the control room, but I imagine there many other workflows that would be most convenient to save with the project. I think control room is flexible enough that you may utilize it differently from project to project, so at least have the option to save those setting with specific projects seems almost necessary to best utilize it.

Hi Martin, thank you as always. How do I add the feature request tag to my post? Thank you,

I think this is the reason control room presets exist.