Save current set as Project Colors File

In the ‘’ Project Colors ‘’ window, we have Append, Insert, Remove, Reset, Increase, Reduce, Load and Save options as Program Default.

Is it possible to add the options ‘Save current set as Project Colors File’ and ‘Load Project Colors File to current set’?
It would be a much simpler way to load our preferences for this coloring tool from one project to another and from one version to another.

I think it does not require rewriting the entire program code to add these two options.
Unless this option is already present in a hidden corner of the program.


It should be easy. It was in previous versions of Cubase. Just put the colour implementation back to the way it was in 9 or before. I have set colours for instruments across all my projects. I don’t want to have to re-create them every song.

The functions in 9 were moved (???why???) to Projects/Project Color Setup.