Save Entire Track Chain as Preset

Hi All,

Apologies if I missed this. I searched the manual and tried all the things I could find. I can save “track presets” but what I can’t seem to get to work is this:

  1. Create my tracks
  2. Create group track for those tracks - send outputs to this channel
  3. Create audio track - this track records the outputs from the group tracks.
  4. Save this entire chain already setup and ready to go.

I don’t want a “template” because a template doesn’t help me when I want to import a midi track with all tempos etc. already mapped in it (unless I am missing something else).

Is this possible?


No can do … go to the Feature Request forum and +1 the FR there. Highly disappointing that this was not included.

Oh darn. I will jump over there and request this feature also! Seems like a no brainer to have this!

Thanks for the speedy feedback!