*Save existing project as AUDIO.

For years we have been trying to get to a place where mix downs and stem bouncing are not so tedious… And we have been making progress slowly but surely… But imagine this, just like our back up feature but with options to create a new project of just audio…

For example we go to Save >> New session as Audio.

So with just a few clicks we now have an audio only session ready for mixing… It can give us some feature such as which tracks we wont as Stereo and Mono, where we want the start and end point for each track and to include and disable instrument and midi tracks in a folder if we wish.

At the same time this will give us a new folder of just our new audio files all bounced from the same position ready to send off to mixing engineer or mastering stems. We could also have the option to leave as dry or export with channel settings and signal path just like RIP.

I think this would be a SUPER addition to Cubase and worthy point for upgrading. Thoughts?

Additional feature id like to see now:

  • Simultaneous mono/stereo export from export menu.

*Option for mono render in the render in place settings… (Currently determined by output but most VST are stereo out, not ideal for drums - I know we can do separate outs but this would be convenient)

Good idea.