Save External FX Routing #2022

Happy holidays. As on every holiday season of the past 14 years, I herby post a feature request for Steinberg to add a (goddamn, if I may add) SAVE button to the external fx routing.
As past years, I would like to reiterate how I literally am losing years out of my literal life (the ONE life god gave me) after launching Cubase while a different audio interface was plugged in, resulting in needing to re-route 40 external fx INS and OUTS.
I know, this has been posted before.
I also know there are xml DIY workarounds for this scenario.
But for crying out loud, how can we be on version freaking ELEVEN (and we did not start counting at 1. We starting counting at Cubasis…) So probably 30 versions down the line, and pro users are left to look out their windows at the other kids playing and laughing outside; studio-one, pro-tools, and Ableton have all put this to sleep a long time ago, and went skipping onto the park.

Steinberg, will 2022 be our lucky year where you hold on making chord pads for a second and drop us a little save button?

Best wishes to all, and happy new year.