Save full score as custom score layout?

I have a score for harp and doublebass, and I would like to make two versions of the full score: one where the bass part is 60% size, and one where the harp part is 60% size.

Is there a way to do this with custom score layouts, that preserves all the formatting from my full score? When I make a new custom score layout and add both players, the formatting is all reset to defaults, and it would take a long time to redo everything (staff spacing changes to fit in the harp pedaling, system and frame breaks).

For now I can just make two versions of the full score and export to pdf, but it would be better if I could keep both versions in the same file. Thanks for any suggestions!

You can use separate layouts and select all the notes in one part before applying the right-click pull-down to set the staff size to 60% or 75%, and then do the same to the other part in a separate layout.

(Also (for use elsewhere): You can use separate flows instead of separate files if you want to keep everything in one file?)

Thanks Derrek - what I’m trying to do is make a new layout with both parts that completely preserves the formatting, but I’m not sure your solution does that (I should have said earlier, the piece has five movements (flows)). For now I’m using Save As to make a new full score, and shrink one of the parts. But I’d like to be able to the equivalent of Save As to make a custom score layout in the original file. Is that possible?

I think this is not possible yet.