Save function issue for MIDI track (master eq fx?)

Hi! First I thought I need to grab some medicine, but it seems mod to midi event lenght is not saved (no difference if notes are written to it at the end point or event is empty)

Also had an issue for Master EQ insert loaded but reseted back in every start despite of savings. Opening the same today also reseted (no Master EQ), but when set back today again, it remained there and seems to remain now…

… and now everything is back working? I’ve tried to reproduce your mentioned problems. But without any luck :frowning:


Dear @Spork ,

Master EQ remained as set, MIDI event crop still seems to remain “unsaved”:

upsss, catched something. Set param to Master EQ, save, reopen, “not-saved”:


in addition: that is not fully constant or fully reproducable…

Cannot reproduce it at all. Can you, with New Project, then…?

Dear @musicullum ,

Found something: when doing with a MIDI track coming from importing from Cubase prepared file… then MIDI event crop gets confused.

See / scroll to this vid (I’m sorry, bit long, but didn’t want to miss anything):!Ap_Az2zr66LFiQ8kyeLT_Gb89hAI?e=MGjLY0

I was refering to the “Eq not saved” issue.
Micha will look at MIDI import, thanks.

No, couldn’t reproduce with blank project (I will look on it tomorrow again)