Save / Load MIDI configurations

I wish I could save and load MIDI configuration , so I could quilckly switch between listening to various virtual MIDI channels such as Divici mate or phisical devices.

Are you saying you would like to quickly switch between presets in a particular VST instrument? Or switch between midi channels coming from a polyphonic (zone/split) midi controller source?

So , here is the idea:
I want to use an external to cubase app.
It is called Divici mate.
It provides virtual midi ports.
With its smart brain it breaks up to 6 voices played in real time, to a set of midi channels read by cubase.
This way, I can play in real time a complete orchstra in one take.
The catch is, that all phisical midi has csnnels have to be slaved to divici mate exclusively , or othereise a midi loop will occur, resulting in errors.
When finished using this external app, Cubase , again has to take over the pgisical midi devies.

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No problem, this is a typical setup for any external sequencer.

If you are running Divisimate:

On your track in Cubase/Nuendo, you just need to change the midi channel, from the default of “All” to the corresponding midi channel coming out of Divisimate. Have a look at the following video and document:

Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of clicking 31 times on “Disable the checkbox In ‘All MIDI Inputs’ for all Divisimate Ports” I could just load a midi configuration that was stored with that configuration?

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Templates are a core feature in Cubase, I recommend spending a little time researching/Googling around the basics of how to use Cubase and Divisimate.

Start here on the Steinberg Channel: