Save / Load Mix console config

Hi All,

I’ve recorded a Jazz band in live, I did one cubase project per song and now I’m mixing at home.
I did a first mix on the 1st song that I would like to use as template for other songs. So I used the function Save selected track in the Mix console view then when I load this saved configuration on selected track of another song, the sends configuration are not loaded.

Do you reproduce the same behaviour ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

I’d suggest another workflow: select all events and delete them, also delete track versions in case you’ve used them. Use ‘backup to new folder’ (remove unused ticked). Now you have all tracks/groups/fx set with no events in you project window (verify this from the pool, there shouldn’t be anything shown there). Drag and drop the events from an unmixed project into this template. Repeat as often as needed.

Be careful though, removing events from the project window means, they are still referenced in the pool. In case you choose to delete stuff from the pool the original files will be deleted with no chance to bring them back!

There’s also a relatively young function called “Import from project”. Could be useful for your case as you can choose which track should go to which track. It seems to have some flaws with media files not always getting imported though this option is ticked. Rechecking the pool (and perhaps manually tell Cubase to archive them to the projects audio folder) may also be a great idea here.

Also, unless I’m mistaken, Save Selected is not available if you highlight an instrument track. That’s a huge inconsistency and makes that feature much less useful.

In addition to MarQs suggestion above there is track export/import. But do use caution because there is one bug I know of that has not been addressed. In addition, it seems when importing I have not been given a choice of every single track that should have been included for import.

Did you try the track export function? I have had success highlighting multiple tracks with sends plus the accompanying group tracks, then saving that. Then track import in a new project and it is all there.