Save/Load Mixer Settings causing Cubase Studio 4 to crash

I am attempting to utilize the save mixer settings feature and then load the settings into another project to allow for easier mixdown. I have been told that if you highlight only the tracks you wish to save and then apply the “load mixer settings” function onto only the tracks you want to affect in the new project it will work. I have tried this and Cubase crashes on me every time. I’ve done this on a few as 1 track to see if I could do it 1 track at a time and still the same result.

Is there another way to apply mixer channel settings to other projects? If not, I will need to write down all of the eq, plugs, sends, etc. for each channel and modify each channel by hand.

Any input would be helpful.

There are two little buttons on the left side of the mixer, copy channel and paste channel, they work over multiple projects.

Hi Split, sorry it’s been a while since your response and suggestion. I have tried what you suggested and the same crash is occurring. I can try to transfer the channel settings in both ways mentioned (copy and paste and saving and loading) and cubase crashes. Something to note that may not have been clear before is that i am attempting to do this from one project to another project, not within the same project. Not sure if that makes any difference. The function should still work, but does not.

Anyone know why this would cause Cubase to crash on me?