Save Load Plugins and Save Effects Chains in Cubase (for Event FX)

I would like to see that feature like Reaper (SaveLoad Plugins and Save Effects Chains)

I’m curious: What’s the advantage of the Reaper functionality versus using Track Presets and/or Group/FX channels in Cubase?

Not for fx channels, that feature is already in cubase (channel setting save/load) my request is for the event, If someday event fx comes, then we can load chain effects save in event,

I don’t want to use reaper for these jobs, I want to do all my sound design work on cubase

Not at the machine right now, but: I think it’s possible to load previously saved fx chains in the DOP window.
What’s definately working is to pull the complete inserts of a channel over to DOP.

DOP nice but, we’ve been waiting for these years will definitely be worth it EVENT FX (with include Event FX tail + FX Automations (support) bezier Curve.
thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

i think if Event FX comes, many Video game sound designers will comes Cubase.

Ok, this definately isn’t present in Cubase. As I’ve never used a DAW having it, I’ve never missed it but can definately sense it to be useful.

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when this comes event fx ( forcubase) I’ll take out the reaper of my life , because I want to do all my sound design work on cubase :handshake: