Save/load track preset for Marker tracks

i see no option to save/load presets for Marker tracks,
i know its possible for marker track to “import tracks from project” but why not a simple preset save/load ?
EDIT: save/load preset with marker content(markers, names, position, color etc…)


What should the Marker Track preset contain? There is almost no setting of the track.

not that much track’s settings ,but its content, like markers created with names and colors of the marker track and individual marker color etc…


But this is not the Track Preset. The Track Preset is about the Track settings.

The content can be stored in the Project Template (this is the purpose of the Project Template).

whatever the terminology , so it can be a "“marker track preset with content”.
we need cubase to be more dynamic about building a project from presets, being it marker preset, or loading a folder preset (today i bumped (and rant ) an old FR from me {also lot of the same FR from many users} )
just build a bunch of presets and in few actions you set the project without relaying only on static and giant templates