Save master preset not written until file is closed down


Latest version of Wavelab on Mac running 10.9.2.

I save a master preset with “Store master preset along with file” command. However it seems the .VS file isn’t actually written until the file is closed down. I’ve confirmed this by looking at the time stamp. Hit 'store master preset" button and nothing changes. Close the file and the VS file updates. If I experience a crash (rare but does happen) then I lose all my work for every file that hasn’t been closed properly. This could be a disaster if I’ve been working all day. Remembering to regularly close down files is a pain and often I need them open. Surely the file should save the moment I tell it to? Why wouldn’t I want it to?


Your observation is correct. This could be improved in the future.

Hi. Just noticed this hasn’t improved in v8.5. I had a Wavelab crash and lost a ton of work. Surely there is no reason why it should be like this? Hitting “save” should be all I have to do. Remembering to close and then open the file is not natural or easy to remember. Pretty major bug in my opinion which is capable of losing a lot of work. I can put up with the occasional crash when all I have to do is reopen and carry on. This is a bit different.

Just lost a ton more work due to this bug. Yet again. Please please please fix. I can’t believe I’m the only one that finds this a problem. It wouldn’t be so bad if Wavelab was rock solid. But v8.x now crashes a LOT.