save master section preset dialog

maybe it’s more comfortable if the save-master-section-preset dialog window change would memorize the position and size it was last opened?
even if last opened on first or second monitor?
what do you think?

If you use a shortcut, this dialog appears in the middle of the screen. If you use the mouse, it appears centered around the mouse.

a shortcut? sorry, don’t know how to do this…or you mean something different?

if i’d lke to save my combination and adjustments of several effect plugins, i click in the mastersection at the bottom right on the file-box symbol -> then ‘save-as’ -> then the ‘save-mastersection preset’ dialog pops-up. everytime at the same position and size, near the left side of my first monitor. and every item in it (folder) closed.
as there are about thirty folders with presets in this dialog, the last one in the row cannot be seen without dragging the window bigger. would be nice if this dialog would open with the size and position i had previously opened it.